This Loose Upon My Eyes

This loose upon my eyes
Held tight in shape by society’s lies
Reduced me to help.
Reduced me to help.
This loose upon my eyes
Which society likes
Trying to put these turkeys above me
I am weak, I am starved, they might make a Panda of me
They like me in this mud
He is only king if I am servant
He is only strong when I am weak
Reduced me to weak, he succeeds
Try reducing me to servant, I counter-attack
This brace they have placed upon my brain
They say it be for my own good, they lie!
Bringing me down to submission
telling the old catholic lies that I am only happy when dead
Stripping me off Deity, denying me purpose, hiding reason from me
They manage to make of me subject and object
These patches upon my fines
Sown in vogue by society’s opinion
I wear it upon my nakedness.
This same lie! I wear it!
My nakedness – true, yet I shroud it
With this cloak sown upon me by him
Loving me only to standards
Making little of a great mind, using the long hair as reason
“He is better than me?”
They decline
But then they require of me, they question me
I love him….?
I don’t
I hate him….?
I don’t

I lied.
This loose upon my eyes
Held tight in shape by my own lies
Reduced me to help
Reduced me to help
This loose upon my eyes which I like I put these turkeys above me…

Link to the Italian translation

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