The Searching Cheats

Whirl of the wind
decades of familiar tunes Encroaching voices of old whispering stories untold Cold
the breeze
our bodies freeze
The Misplaced Birds
they wail
they say
“We have lost our way”
We are to show them their way
We point
They screech,
We point again
And again
Then we tell them
‘We have lost our way too,
but we know your way
Yet, we don’t want to tell
because we will need you to wail everlastingly
We… we’ll sail
In search of the Searcher
If he comes to meet you as you wail
show him where to find us
Should we meet him as we sail
we will, you
We will point as we did to you, a moment ago we will say, ‘There!’
and ‘there’ will lead us home’
“And we? All alone?!”
They squeak.

Link to the Italian translation

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