Women’s poetry, women and their poetry. African women. Poets – in the traditional sense – and also slam poetry and spoken word performers who entrust their stories and feelings to their words.

AfroWomenPoetry’s mission is to tell women’s Africa through poetry.

The word is, therefore, a tool of both representation and narration. A narration that – starting from a biography – turns into history, journalism and reporting, using expressions and languages typical of African oral tradition.

Women of all ages write poems that propel us directly and without filters in specific contexts, events and situations. Regardless of their style, they all are storytellers.

Their words create threads and connections, reconstruct events. They produce a sort of reportage on Africa in verses. Women’s Africa. Going beyond prejudices, stereotypes, clichés deeply rooted in Western thought (and interpretation).

We meet (and record them) in their homes or working/studying places. Their environment is fundamental to create intimacy, knowledge, friendship. And to get closer to each other.

Their compositions deal with themes that provide insights into their own experiences and those of millions of other African women.

Domestic violence, the desire for freedom and independence, gender equality, respect for the environment, strict social and family rules, patriarchy, the strength beneath daily actions: these are only some of the themes explored by the poets we present to you.

We hope – for ourselves and for you – to fill this archive with as many as possible female voices, their feelings and stories.

In order to get to know Africa more closely. Through women’s words.


Antonella Sinopoli, project creator