Have You Been Lonely Before?

Cheap perfume
Misted over greying wool
Lightly pressing against his chest
Concealing that grizzly beastly self

Sculpted around those not-so voluptuous
Muscles rounding his gentle beastly self

Do you ever sleep with your eyes wide open
Wake bright and early inflated red-eyed

Do you ever imagine shadows marching on the walls
Wake ankles toes wobbly between the sheets

Do you stay up fighting back tears so hard
Wake weary hands waging war on a battlefield

Strange women bustling nights
Cropped shirts tiny skirts lacey tights
Parade fiery long limbed damsels
Kinky hair makes me smile no longer
Whisky grows sharp on the tongue
Swirls of wine don’t tickle my fancies anymore

Have you been lonely before?
Tightly tenderly cuddled your pillow

Mangled strangled breathless
Have you been lonely before?

Starved of love and warmth
Memories barely all you could afford

Link to the Italian translation

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