Peace Be Still

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There are times when I could start a riot when I actually want peace

Peace be still

Peace be even more still for the day is coming
Where we shall not long to be united but be one
Or at the very least we can hope
And maybe this will be our dawn
At long last, peace be still
Have your way once again

Peace be still

For my heart cannot take this frustration any longer
My soul is eternal
I long for your company
In strife, I’m forced to co-exist

Peace be still

For I am looking for you once again
Truly, in the midst of my trials, I seek you
For my burdens are too great to bear
Peace, I know that you are my home

At the very least
In comfort, I can reside
Knowing that I am not seeking for you on my own
Oh how we long for you our peace
You’re at the centre of every conflict
And we are longing to take part in your majesty

Peace be still
For I know the day is coming
Where we will be together again
United like we have never been before
And it starts today
It starts with this conversation
With you and I working together
And having reverence for one another
Like a bride being adored by all on her wedding day
It is time that we adore one another
For it is in love

Which brings forth standards of respect and tolerance
That peace can be sustained
Peace be not in dismay
For we know that we are not searching for you in vain

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