Tied and Untied


I wrestle with my-self,
With a battle of the mind which
never ends,
A race of thoughts which never
I wrestle with the spirits in me
Which feeds me doubts,
Spitting darkness and unveiling lies,
Tearing down hope
With strange rhymes,
Rhymes with strange rhythms,
Rhythms which plucks my peace,
Sabotaging my inner strength
All the time,
Am tied and Untied with my very
Own fears.

But today I want to be free,
I want to be real with self,
Reflecting new hope and Faith,
I want to dream high,
And Spread my wings to fly higher,
and motivate my inner thoughts,
Today I un-tie my chains and
break out from my cage,
To invite the blessing on my doorsteps,
To speak for myself,
Stand for myself,
All I want is to be free like a belly laughter
Spilling from a child,
All I want is to untie my chains.

Link to the Italian version

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