I Am


I am incapable of feeling justified

I search for meaning in things that do not mean much to me

I am incapable of loving myself

I am unknown

That feeling

That feeling is unknown to me

I begin to question everything I think I feel

I question my motives

My algorithm

My biometric makeup

The evidence to support my claims that I am worthy to be justified without it being about anything other than what I truly think

What I truly feel has to be valid

It has to be

For if it is not

I am simply wasting my time in a meridian of responses

Always rushing to the next item on the menu

The next segment of living

The feeling that if you have nothing to do today

You might as well kill yourself

The feeling that if I am not seen as worthy

Then I become trash

If my gift is to be seen

How can it be that I am unseen

I feel unseen

I feel that I question my motives for wanting to be…

I questions my motives for wanting to become



I want

I think

I feel

I am worthy

I am worthy to be found

Just as I am equally worthy to find what it is I am looking for out of life

Then in that case

I do not have to seek what I have already found

That which is within me

I am

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