I’d wake up at night wondering if
The mildness brewing would turn into a fight
Never asking if he could dump his
Insecurity, his anxiety, his inability into you
His semen and demons would wash away your purity
Your intensity, your decency
Baby faced you’d turn to me, wide eyed and frozen
When he’d spread your thighs you’d look into my eyes
And our souls would be broken.
In our minds we’d find the sacred ladder
We’d climb up and look down at hatred, soar over him
To be counted.
We’d mask our bereavement and seek contentment
Fuelled by resentment
And we’d float
We’d float, and we’d float
We’d float, and we’d float
Beyond his mounting grunts
We’d float to the sky
And as we’d fly high and float,
We’d ask might we die as we float?
When we’d return, that’s when you’d feel your insides burn
My silent plea: why can’t it be me so you can be set free
Would follow his stumbling awkward shadow retreat
Into his beer bottle
Then I’d put your pieces back together
So fragile, used to be agile,
But now hanging by a delicate tether.
And I’d promise you that next time
We’d float higher, float faster, float further, and never return.

Link to the Italian version

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