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They tripped over that strange opaque place
Lunged, twisted, and nearly fell on their face
Gained ground on a rebound and then
Fled from the potential site of their fall from grace

This is the pattern repeated often,
Never explained but should not be forgotten
Not by those who witness the chasm
Between the have’s and have not’s
A system reproducing the rot sworn on a revolt
Never to be reborn

Yet their child cries a robust rounded chubby cry
While their child cannot summon a starved choked voice
To utter the unutterable and mumble the essential truth
That moves mountains and keep astounded fountains
In no short supply of tears, tricking down our fears…

I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth, perched on a silver platter
Don’t dream of waking into my house before removing the grunge
Of your commonality,
Don’t splatter your diseased insignificant matters
To do with inequality and prejudiced irresponsibility
On my pristine untouched original walls of civilization
Non integration, Non proliferation
Stagnation of funds because your democracy does not correspond
To my larger world order that makes you mumble and stutter and stammer
What was that?
With you spittle dribbling down your chin…

Well, my story doesn’t call for any glory
I am mostly stuck in between, seeing and understanding
The mighty oratory that calls for the balance that eludes
Those who are signatory to all treaties….or is that treatise?
But do not worry, for I do take inventory
And shortly I will produce my own report
Commissioned by the commission commissioned to commission reports
And from my benign position
It is clear that an even keel is required, exalted, and most desired.
But just make sure you do all that’s required
In terms of monitoring and evaluation

Report on the reports you have reported on
And we will evaluate your evaluations based on
The checks and balances we have poured great time
And expertise to bake to perfection
Our analyses of all that’s wrong with the world and
A diagram of the way forward will be
Promptly written, produced, and delivered so that
Only the sycophantic can decipher.

They tripped over that strange opaque place
Lunged twisted and nearly fell on their face
Gained ground on a rebound then fled
From the potential site of their fall from grace
towards their escape…
Is this the human race?

Link to the Italian translation

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