Black Queen

Ayo sis!
Why do u still let him
Let him hit you
Smug you
Belittle you
Oh I don’t like your hair babe
That handsome baritone voice man says
U ain’t that pretty babe you need make up
Don’t embarrass me
That man you call half be says
Sis Nooooo!
Hes no man! He’s a boy!
A boy knows no boundaries
A boy knows no 3p
Provide Profess protect
Cause you are a queen!
A black queen
Black is smooth
Black is soft as almond oil
Dripping from the fruit of nature
Black is beautiful
Beautiful is a woman
A woman is a pearl
We don’t break pearls!
We treasure them
Oil then keep them in the soft pouch
Cover them with a soft cloth place all together
Not on the table waiting
To be used and thrown away
You are a foundation of love and beauty
Your hair is water and grease
Black blue magic
Yes! Ask me a thousand times
I will say you’re a beautiful black queen
And no one can change that!

Link to the Italian translation

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