Be the Dream

It might take more than a decade for you to reach your dreams
Maybe half a century for you to rewrite the narrative and swim against the stream
You determine the rise and fall of this era so don’t stay on the sidelines be part of the team
Do the SWOT thing so you dont fall off the beam
Walk in hope. Walk in faith. Walk in love. Don’t lose that self esteem.
Remember those who believe in you and pray, like Cecy and Kareem
So scream if you want, but know that you are already redeemed
By the super power, oh this power so supreme
Choose your dream colors and don’t you worry if the world does not fit with your color scheme
Daily, let your dreams flow in your bloodstream
So one day it can live and be part of the mainstream

Chase your dream
Live the dream
Be the dream

Link to the Italian translation

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