[Black] Privilege

Knows to call someone before hand,
know someone before hand, or someone who knows someone
before embarking on anything required by the government.
[Why stand in line when you can afford to pay the necessary bribes
to get the documentations you need?]

Convinces me to pull out my English
when asking for a service
so the service providers can know I am worth more
in their time [and pockets]
My English knows the right time to come out
to claim things that should belong to everyone.

Puts the word mshamba in my mouth
and adorns it with the talent of spotting otherness,
less uncouth, unexposed, underprivileged people.
It teaches me how to tell the difference
between the type of people that deserve my respect
and those that do not deserve the respect and dignity that others deserve.

Wraps the word mshua under my tongue and
Convinces me that I am better than.
Safer than.
More trusted than.
More likely to be treated better than.

Link to the Italian translation

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