My heart is broken
fragments disintegrate into sand
laid upon a beautiful beach.
As my moon creates tidal waves to wash me away.

What once intertwined between my licorice laced thighs?
Now matted and sharp thorns grow there,
where my love once lay to blossom.

I am rotten.
Heart wrenched
like torn ligaments on strange fruit trees.
I bleed.
Internally and externally
the bittersweet release that makes manifest
what once was beautiful.

I am sweet wine now sour.
I am lost.
I am the disregarded pith of once ripe fruit.
I am the compost that will grow great trees with my remains.

As I bleed, cold sweat seeps, making me
full cycle but incomplete.
Craving rebirth by way of menstruation
When will I feel my self emancipation?

How will I find the pieces of my broken heart?
Spread like indistinguishable souls in Hades Den.

My moon is cut
Blood red and weeping
His torment reigns and tortures
He Beams
Poison disintegrates his light
As the Sun loses faith
in his ability to guide
in the darkness.


Link to the Italian translation

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