Beauty Knows No Shame

A new kind of beauty to embrace and to celebrate
There’s no room for shame here
There’s a power that pushes through from within
There’s a power that will push out
and bring my bloody insides with it…
But that’s something of a pain that I’d love to succumb to
in a natural, agony-sedating, physical rage

I’m learning that weakness isn’t always weakness
and that weakness can and will eat you up
in a beautiful and majestic way
And that weakness can make you fall in love
with pain
with drunken fatigue
with needles that spit things into you
with pins that suck and draw reddish-purplish blood from you
with bleeding gums
with aching joints
with vomit and
with a buffet of other revolting things

And the seemingly-breathless lungs keep you
in a perpetual gasp, as though you yourself
were swimming through a watery fluid
made of electrolytes, proteins, carbohydrates,
lipids, urea and other things
that take me back to my high school Biology lab.

It’s apparently ugly but miraculously gorgeous
It’s a new kind of beauty to embrace and to celebrate
And there is no room for shame here
I am not ashamed
There is only pride and strange things and a new me

Link to the Italian translation

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