Lip Prayer

Your lips are mine and mine are yours.
May my lips forever glorify and honour you.
May my lips be truthful to you.
May my lips calm your blazing brow
and bring healing to your aching muscles.
May my lips mop up your tears.
May my lips dry the sweat of your toil, from your chest.
May my lips defend you, when the law fails
and when friends and family forsake you.
May my lips raise you from the ground,
when you cannot walk.
May you find nourishment in my lips,
when you cannot afford to buy food.
May my lips be your most expensive
and most preferred dessert.
May my lips quench your thirst.
May my lips be the light unto your darkest path.
May you find solace in my lips.
May you yearn for my lips.
May my lips always profess my love for you and only you
Your lips were made for me and mine for you
And may my lips forever bear testimony
of the bitter-sweet beauty that is our union that is our love.

Link to the Italian translation

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