Melanin Queen

Her hands by her side
Head down
Shoulders dropped and eyes fixed on an unknown prize
She snails by in fear
Fear of pointing fingers and heart breaking laughter
Those words like a butcher’s knife swims through her melancholic melanin skin
She wonders if Odomankoma (God) painted her in haste
She has blood for tears
She is her mother’s dream
That moment Form the womb, the wind stopped to stare
The birds hushed their chirping
The girl with the skin of melody
She is black, very dark, nor, ebony, sale, sooty, inky
She is so dark she wonders if the coal is threatened or the pot is jealous
Men gaze at her in bewilderment
Kings wonder if oboade3 (The creator) intentionally molded her
Queens spend sleepless nights thinking about her with admiration and jealousy
She is the melanin queen
She knows not her skin is rare like the smile of sasabonsam (the devil)
Her smile wakes the snoring sun
The diamonds she has for teeth outshines the stars
“Her mind is dark,I think so is her blood and heart too”
They mock without mercy
But she is the melanin queen
As beautiful as a rose
As calm as a dove
As black as a raven

She is black, beautiful, ebony, noir, sooty inky
She is the melanin queen.

Link to the Italian translation

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