Loving God

Have you ever fallen in love with the sea

Loved her so fiercely

Your orgasms are unending. Uncompleting. Unrestraining.


Love it when she’s mad

When she reaches out in waves

Tidal energies immobilise my senses

I rise into her

Deep into her

Feel her heart beat

In the middle of her vulvic ocean

Motion comes in waves

This. Is. heaven

Cuz I’m loving god

Im loving god

Im loving god


Unforgiving she is

Relentless she can be


She demands me

And I give with pleasure

Don’t you see how perfect we are together?

Thigh to thigh

Lip to lip

Spoken word to rhythm

Wave to sand

Earth to sky

Time to Space


She comes in many forms

I worship each one of them



Do you feel that

Taste the dust of an ancient time

Spent in royal blue ecstasy

Where we made love to begin time

We make love to continue time

Till time became you ,became me, became us

Cuz im loing god

Im loving god

Im loving god


Now, Sometimes she came as a man

And he straddled me around his waist

Thrusting in his poetry

Grinding in his love for me

Till I had no more words

But Scribes will write our rhythms

In holy scripts

THEY’LLMasturbate to our memories

In holy temples


Go down on knees baby

Cuz im loving god

Im loving god

Im loving god


Feel that? you fit just right inside of me


Morning washes away the magic of night

An empty bottle on the seashore

You’re gone

Instead your earthly form lies next to me

Oblivious of what he was last night

When we made love to the seduction of your moonlight

Forgot Who he became, who he is, who he can be

So I lie here

complete but uncompleted.

But I wait.

I shall always wait

For Her


Cuz im Loving god

Im loving god

Im loving god

Link to the Italian translation

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