Oh, Woman

Woman, I see a woman
Everyday in the mirror I see a woman
And everything I look at mama I see a woman
Wonderful woman, mother of nature
Yeeea yea
Beautiful woman, Yeeea yea 
Yeeea yea…

Slowly the storyteller tells his tales
His tales of an Eve molded out of a rib
Specially made out of a rib
The last of all creatures carefully woven out of a tablet of diamond
Soothingly, the tales are told of a she who sparkles like the stars yet covered in mystery and seen to be fragile
Too fragile to hug, too fragile to be the spine of the sons of Adam
Oh woman, you who shine before the sun crawls out lazily to his post
To please his host
Broken, tortured, ignored, abused and accused
But you hold on
You make the home
Indeed the tales are told of the last piece of Providence which He made to sparkle and change the world when the sons of Adam drifted away like a ship without a captain
Your beautiful tales will be told too
Your beautiful tales of inspiration, inspiring the sons of Adam
Taming their wild hearts and calming the flames of their desires
Oh woman, you make peace and build greatness
You raise wisdom and intelligent
Without you the world cannot breath
The world will be a still dull painting, a lifeless painting, a painting without breath…

Song by Becca (translated from twi)
I am a woman
An African woman
If I say water, it is water not wine
I have a beautiful patience, my beauty is like a flower
An African woman 
Oh wonderful woman
Yeeea yea
Beautiful woman, Yeeea yea 
Yeeea yea…

A woman is like a teabag,
You will never know how strong she is
Till she get into hot water.

Link to the Italian translation

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