Child Not Bride

Under the silvery stare of the moon
The children sat to listen to soul refreshing tales
Beneath the starry blue skies, we laughed and galloped our ignorance of the world away
It was in the nakedness of the breeze that I learned to smile my soul away
And I enjoyed it
A perfect peace

But out of the blue came the 59 year old
Weary man Alhaji
His defective smile exposing his cola nut stained teeth
With a keg of palm win and a saddened cow in hand

That moment, every joy I have known
Turned to Ashes in my mouth
The very ground on which I stood have me up
The warm uterus I knew turned cold
The strong arms that protected me slipped off
Like garbage, I was abandoned

That night my guardian angel had darkness for a smile
My innocence forced out of my being
I had tears for supper
That night, that devastating, dismantling, shattering night
The stain on my body could not be cleansed

I battled with unknown demons he possessed and as if by magic, he planted his seed on my tiny piece of fertile land
I sat helplessly watch my innocence tiptoe away from me
The moments I spent with my friends crushing right in front of me

I am just a child but you snatched my childhood
You stole my joy
You murdered my happiness
You strangled my future right before my eyes
I’m a child
Not a bride

My body, my soul, my spirit, my being you tortured
When the seed you planted withered and died,
You branded me a witch

I am just a child but you smatched my childhood
You stole my joy
You murdered my happiness
You strangled my future fight before my eyes
Please give me back my childhood
I am a child not a bride.

Link to the Italian translation

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