Our songs are fading
I’m almost forgetting the steps to our favorite dance
Our voices are losing their depth
I can hardly hear your soothing breath

Ever since I left our land
In search of that Oyibo money
You’ve lost that your wantenten love for me
Remember all things we dreamed
Our young love was way too early stirred
But our love was faithful not to state a single fight
Mama thought I was bewitched
But Ada, you were too much of a lady
For me to imagine a punching kola sack

Ada, I left because you hurried me off
You never agreed to small small
You said you wanted to be the talk of town
“My Oyibo man will bring me my crown”
You said our Palm tree will no longer satisfy you
You said you needed a love bench for our love talks
A love bench we saw in that Oyibo thing
We said a lot but we made our vows too
You said you knew I was the one

So what ever happened to what we had?
Ada, your Oyibo man is now in Oyibo land
Trying to make a crown for his most beautiful bride
But Ada, it seems you forgot the songs we sang too quickly
My aching feet that travelled miles to see your face
You’ve forgotten the taste of the sweat
that brushed your face
When we met and shared a warm embrace
You’ve said little since I became Oyibo man
My eyes are failing Ada, because I can’t see you again

Ada, entangle me in your silent night whispers
Let your words slowly warm my heart
Draw me back in sweet innocence
Let our love live again

Link to the Italian translation

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