Natural Woman

When was the last time you felt the warm scalp of a woman
Run your fingers through her hair
Twisted her natural locks through your fingers
Or walked your fingers through the rows of braids
Just like walking through fields of corn

When did you see the true beauty of your African Woman?
Or saw a flawless dark skin?
Or kissed her natural plump lips?

From the days of slavery black women were told “You gotta have hair like “Massa”,
Don’t want no black as sin gal with nappy hair in the house”
The beautiful black women were kept in the cotton fields
While those that had lighter skin,
The products of the slave masters were kept as house slaves
If your hair was long and straight, without a natural crinkle it was your bonus,
A passport to heaven,
A ticket to the illusion of freedom

Now, I hardly see an original black woman
They all seem to have become Chinese, Indian Brazilian and European
Flicking about hair that is not their own
That may be from a horse, a yak or plastic factory
Afraid to show their natural beauty
Afraid because their men have been conditioned to think that a perfect woman has straight hair and fair skin
Afraid because their sisters would laugh and tease them for their tight curls
Wake up!
Have you ever really looked at the beauty of a black woman, all natural and dark?
They way her teeth and eyes sparkle in contrast to her skin
The way her hair feels soft like the ends of an ear of corn
Or woolly like that of a new born lamb
Twisting and curling itself through your fingers
True feelings exploding through the shaft of natural hair
Men! Treat a natural woman with respect
Women! Rise up for the natural woman who dared
For her inner strength and inner pride have made her able to go against the norm
To show her true self
Just the way God made her… Perfect
A beautiful black woman.

Link to the Italian translation

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