A Beating for Love

Your fist pounded my face
In shock I stood there
Not moving, not screaming
The first time it happened
You said you beat me because you loved me

You put the blame on me
I don’t remember doing wrong
Your gambling and drinking
Your womanising and flirting
Your problems and woes
Were all my fault
And you said you beat me because you loved me

I asked you why you did this
“You made me do it“ you said
“I have to correct you my love”
“I love you, that’s why I beat you”

I never knew love was like this
Maybe no one ever told me
I thought love was loving and caring
Laughter and happiness
Not this fear and a beating for love

I grew old in my heart
My love turned to fear and hate
I lived only in dread of that fist in my face
Why didn’t I go. Why?
The shame of facing the world
to tell the truth
Because I loved you
Because you treatened to me
And you said you loved me that’s why you beat me
I cried myself to sleep, silently
So you wouldn’t hear in case
I got another fist in my face

Is this love?
A fist in the face?
I must have dreamt the other love
The movie star love
The storybook love
What have I done to deserve this?
This loving fist in my face

The hand that beats me caresses me
I can’t move away
I can’t say what’s in my heart
No one must know my shame
I lay there beaten and dead inside
Holding on to you not in love but in fear
While dreading the morning
because I will get another fist in my face
You’ll ask me and I shadow
“Are you awake?”
You’ll whisper between the kisses
“I beat you because I love you”


Link to the Italian translation

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