The Small but Mighty

My dwelling place is the river
The great oceans
My storey building is the water body
I breathe in the aqua like no other
Freely I move
To and fro, to and fro
I do not have an enemy
But people choose me as one
I am lovely
Nice looking
I make palatable dishes
Those that know me enjoy my meat
The enjoy having me
Children use my skin for drum
But they fear my venom
So poisonous and deadly
If am operated with care, you will enjoy my meat
But if you handle me carelessly, you will as well suffer my venom
All other fishes are my friends
We play together
When I bloat the air in me I look beautiful and fearsome
Puffer fish is my name
Others know me by Blow fish
I am known worldwide but recognized by few
My eyes are lovely
My mouth is cute
My ears wave
Indeed am beautiful
But am deadly
I can be a nice meat too
All you need is time
Free mind and free heart to handle me
I am the puffer fish
Indeed small but mighty.

Link to the Italian translation

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