A Deceptive Devil

You Chase her up hills and down valleys

In the name of ‘love’

Easily she gives in

Believing in so-called promises

And ‘heaven like’ vows

Luring her into indecent assaults

Thinking she is impressing,

She does it heartfelt

Later you offer her gifts

Penny in addition for ‘up keep’

Pretending to be loving and caring

Shortly after departing, silence drizzle in

She calls to check on her ‘husband’

Yet a devil within,

But unknown to her

To her dismay,

“The number you are calling,

Is currently switch off”

Once, twice and forever

Her texts too, never replied

Just in a couple of days, her line is blocked

Drowned in confusion and disbelief

Graved in a spilt milk situation

She melts while cursing the sun rise

Only yearning for dead nights

To die indoors with her broken heart

Overjoyed, right?

You have killed her

And shamelessly hunting,

For another to kill

But she and the next, and the next

Will all resurrect?


[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation

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