The Ebony of Africa

There she stands like a eucalyptus

Smiles but her inside is in solemnity

In her, lives the sun that threatens the darkness

Her teeth clarify the milk in the ajiu*

The curves of her smiles

So sharp to deforest ate a lad

But deep in her

Runs a river of turmoil

Crucification is real

She gulp pains

And betrays herself

She, the true definition of a mother

She’s denied honesty

It is a wolves she is leaving with

But she is made to believe it’s a rib

Do this and not that

Do that and not this

She has to be at beck at call

Or else…

Otherwise she is a property

Father gives her hand out in marriage

No opinion is needed… period

No say in community agendas

Its obvious inferiors have nothing at all

Even when allowed to move her wings

She think it’s a game

Another eve like she is

The Jezebel she has

Being a co-wife she is buried alive

A position wherever,

She stops being herself,

For peace to reign

“She is bragging and thinks she is Loved”

And what do you think?

But painfully,

Pastor sell tape her lips

“Jesus is the answer”.


*Ajiu: Fruit that grows up to the size of a pumpkin. Once ripe, it’s picked and the top cut off to make an opening. After the seeds are removed, the fruit is hollow and left to dry. It then can be used to store milk.

[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation

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