An Exposition of My Fate

A woman is a pot of poisonous honey.

A woman and heaven, unpredictable.

Yeah, that’s the voice behind the flesh!

Cancel her and tell me what affix you will give the nation.


On my way to school reeds sing a song.

“Your uncle is on a secret deal,

For feeding is a prolong”

Yet my brother and I conceal,

The wailing of hungry worms,

With a mere sniffling of neighbors aroma.

After three suns, the world comes to an end.

He passed my hand to his friend for eternity.

The reeds were right after all in their amend,

The openness blessed it, short cuts are mighty!

I looked into his eye balls with beckons,

His face paint Innocents.

“He has Mercedes Benz…I mean everything”

Echoes from the tomb of uncle’s womb.

Why burry my visions?

I only had dreams, the reality is in hands.

Dragged into bed, now I belly yet another life.

In nine moons, a solemn wind blew him to a new catch,

But I in the maternity, wringed in baby blues

Postpartum bleeding claimed my breath.

I am gone to Glory

Just like mom, surely spices will roam

At least the mourners will think all was holy.


[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation

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