Sometimes Love


Sometimes love
Is running for your life
When your tanks are still full
Of oxygen,
When your heart is still alive,
When you can still hear its sound
Lub dub Lub dub
Sometimes it’s saying “No more”
And run for your life.

Sometimes love
Is choosing yourself,
Is Loving yourself,
Mending your own scars,
And being true to yourself
Healing all the bleeding parts
Of you,
To tell yourself that you are better.
And you deserve to be Loved again.

Sometimes Love
Starts a NO,
And I know it’s crazy
But sometimes it means to wait
For the right season
With the right reasons.
For the right person,
And the Right time,
Sometimes love is to Wait.

Sometimes love begins
With blessings,
With Other mini humans like us,
Tiny hands not blood related
But heart related,
It starts with
“Am a single Mum”
“Am a single Dad”
And it doesn’t matter,
but what matters
Is the Thickness of that Love.

Sometimes love begins
With “Am pregnant”
I can’t handle this responsibility
So I need you more now,
I need you Today,
And if you are okay
Lets do this together,
It doesn’t matter the Weather.
But either way I will be
Here waiting for you to come over
For me and our
Unborn child.

Sometimes love
Is not chocolates, Roses
And Candles,
Sometimes it’s a plate of food
On the table,
New books for your children, paid bill checks,
Sometimes it’s not Words
But the Actions,
And Everything in Between,
And finally sometimes Love
Is not color
Is not race,
Is not material things
Its not Rainbows,
But it’s responsibility,
It’s availability,
It’s accountability
It’s honestly,
It’s forgiveness,
It’s starting over again and again,
But sometimes
Love is simply Just Me and You.

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