Beauty in Brokenness


Write about your brokenness
This is what My heart whispers to me every time I try to create something beautiful.
How ironic because most of my life I’ve been trying to find wholeness so I can finally feel beautiful.
But what is beauty?
Is there a formula that determines what we can classify as beautiful?
Do you want to know what I think?
I think beauty is responding  to what others perceive as ugly and making it look like it was dropped straight from heaven.
I think beauty is torture, the act of experiencing extreme suffering for what you believe in.
I think beauty is the cross
It is teared skin and blood dripping
Being ripped off of your dignity so that other’s can have theirs.
Beauty is being King but allowing others to treat you as if you were a slave so that they can learn what it means to be humble.
Beauty is loving those that hate you the most and forgiving the ones who want to see you gone.
It is sacrificing your most valuable possession so you can gain the trust of the one who gave it to you in the first place.
Beauty is a dusty womb that still rejoices when visited by a seed after decades of waiting to conceive.
Beauty is killing your own position of power so you can save the life of a slave.
It is losing everything that you have to find meaning in those that have nothing.
Beauty is finding power in pain
Even though it hurts you to death
You still go through it because you know that the sacrifice is worthy.
Beauty is giving away your blood to a nation of unworthy nomads so they can inherit a part of your father’s kingdom and be called godly.
Beauty is teardrops on the alter, when you’re done wearing a mask so you decide to lay open your wounds.
At least that way they can get some air
And if you’re lucky enough they can be turned into gold.
Beauty is anything unpleasing
Like repentance
Bruising your ego so bad that the only thing it can think of is submission.
Beauty is a classroom full of people pleasers but you are the only one that puts God before everyone and everything.
Beauty is Sunday praises and offerings
It’s searching for parts of God inside those that he has surrounded you with.
Because way too often we see the bad in people and forget that we were all formed in his own image, so we ought to be beautiful anyways.
So to conclude my response I think beauty is seeking the parts inside you that resemble God.
Not only seeking but also becoming!

Link to the Italian translation

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