Feminist Bloodline

As i grow up i learn that knowing what i want is the most valuable thing for a woman,
Same goes to a man
What i don’t know is why men always have the final say
Why a man says what he wants in a relationship and i am to accept it.
Good or bad.
Why men say “i chose you”
Chose me to be his woman.
His assistant.
His robot.
But I cannot say the same.
When men marry while “we get” married
I see, nature really have a way to all of us!
I grow to hear men say “don’t marry a feminist bro! Its lotta work”
We are living in a society where being a feminist is a crime,
A stupid women obsession!
Thinking that they are better than men!
While we ain’t seeking to be better than men
Neither are u competing for a trophy
The equality everybody talks about remains to be just an illusion
And here goes women with our sixth sense realizing what nobody have been able to.
As i think about it… i smile.
Am one of those women who yearn for power, equality and purity.
I have a feminist bloodline
I hold a feminist flag.
Wave it.
Kiss it.
Embrace it.
They call it an obsession,
I call it power.
And this crown is here to stay.

Link to the Italian translation

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