Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
I have never loved myself enough
To laugh through the rough times
I have seen different colors
Fading in the beauty of the flowers
I have woken up to different nightmares
Only to calm down through the power of a Prayer
I know of those days when I needed someone beside me to prove me right
And write down the path I should take because I could not fight, for my sight was stolen and I only saw my shadow through someone else’s light

Dear Daughter
Always remember, you are not me
Your choices should always lead you to being free
Do not keep falling in the trap of the past
Live the present and remember every season will come to last
Even when you have too many questions with no answers
Look up and believe He is still painting your world with more colors
Learn to love as you evolve
Set your eyes above the things you cannot solve

Dear Daughter
Carry only the weight you can bear,
As you walk towards your fate and beyond that square
You are the rhythm of the song inside of you
A standalone system that longs to belong despite what it has been through
You have the power to change the world
Put a smile on someone and bless people with your words
You can achieve whatever you believe
What your mind conceive, you will receive
Just like your name, Janelle
God got you, go ahead, Excel

Link to the Italian translation

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