Silent hate

“Am a man” he says,
The first being
Don’t forget you came from me and not me from you
Keep your voice low
Cry on the pillow
Don’t let them know
It’s a shame
Just do this for me
Very simple
Cook for me
Wash for me
Part your legs for me
And don’t even think of disobeying me!
Oh shit!
Now this…
This makes me feel i deserve no name
It’s all a mame
U see
This generation takes a woman
6 feet under every day
What can I say?
Am one of them
Sometimes I wonder if I am being me
Or following the system
Which I crave to be known
And given a crown buh
My identity is covered under a man
Cause even the word woman has a man on it
Its all blurry
Wait! who’s that on my mirror?
May be its me
Or may be its just another bruise
That reminds me of who I am
To a man
Despite of all of this
I still know that am
Strong and courageous
My grandma once told me,
whathint’ abafazi,whathint’ imbokodo
That is me!
Crush me into thousand pieces
I will still be
The rock!

Link to the Italian translation

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