Do I have what it takes?

I am walking barefoot with my head hung
On edge of my fears,
Daunted in the color of my skin,
Dodging bullets that come towards me,
But I feel riddled with holes,
With a rumble on my chest
Sneaking in doubts and question marks,
Causing cracks on chest Tanks,
But the drums on my my chest making noise like a bee
Buzzing on my ears,
Amplifying my inner fears,
“Do I have what it takes?”
To scribble the sky with paints which
Never fades,
To leave a mark of my existence,
To resist temptations and ponder on my
false affirmations,
Do I have what it takes?

Do I have what it takes to
Focus on Right diet which gives me life
Stop feeding my weaknesses,
To stop gazing on things which
Over promise but under deliver,
But to deliver the fruits of my Labor
And stop living in Labour pain and refusing
To push the dream in me,
One, two three i should breath
And push the Baby dream in me.

Do I have what it takes?
To become a woman,
And raise a children with zero experience
Of how to be a mother,
To become a version of myself
Upgraded from my Mother,
To cut the roots of behaviors of my Mother,
To be a living sacrifice and hoping to build
A family which seems too good to
Be true.

Do I have what it takes to stop
Giving access wrong people and start
Believing in me,
To trust the power in my blood,
To believe in my God DNA and RNA that bore me and running through me.

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