River Styx


The Nile is a moving graveyard

The ground is soaked up with blood

The Nile has more skin than most

The Nile? You mean river Styx, and what a price you have paid to cross it.

The ground is shaking with grieve,

The city is crying tears of blood,

The streets are loud but quiet,

Filled with more silhouettes than people,

The wailing of the streets is unbearable,

The ground is in pain with all of the death

Saying that the bodies are too heavy with freedom to be caged inside of it 

But can you hear it? Chains bending, cracking, can you hear it?

Chains sobbing they don’t want to let go, for they had been wrapped around, closed together on our souls, making our happiness their own.

Quenching their thirst from our tears.

It’s a different type of lynching, where people die of suffocating from the chains on the ground for they are not worthy of dying anywhere near the sky.


Link to the Italian translation

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