When is it right to rape a woman

Silenced cries
Sealed behind doors of blame
Her breasts linger out
Like ripe mangoes
Sending me invitations
Her big thighs barely covered by
Her skirt made my blood hot
Her eyes said she wanted it
A piece of my manhood
Thrusting thrusting thrusting
That’s when it was right

When is it right to rape a woman
They laugh,
To them it’s merely another conversation over a beer
Another joke in the men locker room

We fade into crowds
Turning into prey for their amusement
Our beauty turned into sin
Blamed for turning men into animals
Uncontrollable beings tearing
Forceful into vulnerable skin
Thrusting thrusting thrusting
Broken torn Disgusted
Reduced to dirt

When is it right to rape a woman
They echo in unison
Their laughter shatters the walls like the serpent
When she wants it
I see her eyes say yes!
Though her lips say no
When she is ripe on a full moon
Ready to serve my needs

But she was eight barely grown
She was firm, her purity mesmerized me
Such smooth skin holding my manhood
Her screams filled me with ecstasy
Eight but fully blossomed.

Big black fingers prolong from my soul
Their laughter
Breaks my soul
Ridiculed, broken, torn,
My body reduced to dirt.
When is it right to rape a woman.
They echo in unison
Their laughter shattering the walls like a serpent

Dispersed, distressed
We long to find our center again
Demons now possess our streets
Demons that now pose our bodies
We wear our skins like old torn clothes
It’s our fault, they say
We are to blame

We preach to our girls
To cover up, sit straight
Not to speak up
Not to shame themselves
We craft them to shun away
Why should they keep watch?
Like small dears targeted
We step on their esteem
To raise the man’s ego
Why not capture the perpetrator
Why not teach our boys
To cover up seat straight
And craft them to know
It’s never right to rape a woman

Link to the Italian translation

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