Invisible Cuffs

They stepped in
And cuffed my hands
In police custody. I asked
What is my case.
The state Vs Annet.
He shouted.
In cuffs
In cuffs.
Invisible cuffs.
They suffocated me in my own house.
He raised his hands.
His finger prints stained my cheeks.
In tears i asked.
What is my case?
Nature Vs Annet.
In cuffs
In cuffs.
Invisible cuffs
They suffocated me in my own head.
They asked if I could stand for president.
Their eyes dancing in mockery.
I declined.
They asked
What’s my case.

In cuffs
In invisible cuffs I said.
Free me.
Let me fly.
Let me speak.
Free me
Not a decorative paper
That says freedom of speech.
Not in a parliament chocked with foolery
That says equal rights for women.
Free me with you voice
Free me with the words you tell yout sons.
Free me with your hands.
In cuffs
In cuffs

Free me.
Not with the promise of tomorrow
Free me today.
In cuffs
In cuffs, Invisible cuffs.
Shut up Annet.
He shouted.
Will i get a lawyer.
What’s my case I asked.
Please policemen.
I am no offender.
I know not the procedure.
Can I call someone.
Oh! I forget I lost them all
In the June fire that nobody followed up.
Please sir
What’s the procedure.
Will I get a government lawyer?
Shut up Annet.
The State Vs. Annet.
Free me.
Not with a decorative paper.
That screams Justice
But with information.
Let me in.
Don’t shut me out.

Six months
Six days
And am still counting.
In police Custody.
I know not my case.
I have no one to call.
Free me please.

Link to the Italian translation

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