Sseebo Gwe Wange (Sir, you are mine)

You pound me like the engalabi.
I slap the wall to your rhythm.
Sharp; Unforgettable; you are lightening.
Subdued; I moan like thunder.
Your sweat erodes layers of my sanity.
I’m in a dream and shouldn’t wake
I’m in a nightmare.
Ssebo gwe wange!
You are rough and prickly like a jackfruit
but inside sweet and sticky like the yellow seeds.
You hold two balls of tropical sunshine
over my head; singeing my hair.
You are matooke laying over my charcoal stove
boiling in anguish;bubbling in delight.
Ssebo gwe wange!

Note: Matooke is banana, Uganda’s staple food.

Link to the Italian translation

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