The wife of the born-again Christian husband in Kampala

The faithful wife of a born-again Christian husband
is a very baffled woman.
She will slap her cheeks with a bible
So that she doesn’t laugh at the jokes of another man.
Her husband, according to the wedding vows,
will provide enough humor until death.
She will hold her aching thighs together
and pray for Jesus to take the masturbating thoughts away,
after the landlord reassures her that she’s a good woman
who pays the rent, while her husband does the work of the Lord.
And when her husband always returns at 4am from overnight prayers
with sisters from The Salvation of Africa Church,
which is God’s calling upon his life,
Then she should ask for forgiveness for not praying like he does.
Even though her libido fills the empty bed
like the serpent in Eden.
Even though the crying baby in the next cot
is God’s gift to her husband.
It’s a miracle, he told her, after the housemaid gave birth.
I have a son.

Link to the Italian translation

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