Rebel Queens

Milky waters crawl down my fingers
As I discover layer after layer
Of flesh,
Of tightness,
Of warmth,
Of beauty.
My own garden wets as I gaze
Dazzled by her delicately sculptured folds.
Her fruit bursts with juices and flavor.
I snake lower charmed by her feminine aroma
Lips plant kisses on petals;
Beautiful black petals, pink on the inside.
I mouth O’s
I inhale uhhhh
the warm and cold contrast on her clit
Jerks her body in shivers.

Walls contract,
Juice oozes
My tongue tastes.

I flick and suckle,
I pause and she spasms,
Breath coming in short gasps,
She yields to my gentle thrusts,
Grinds on my probing tongue
And morns to its swirl.
I trace the beginnings and ends of her slit
And right at the end I find an escape,

The queen is a rebel,
A confident brat,
Reeking of self knowledge,
Not afraid to be herself-

The free will-
Utter disregard
To propriety and perception
Complete freedom
And stubbornness;
The rejection of  ‘correctness’

She is a revolution
Storming down walls of convention
The rumble of the crumbling barriers
Thunders in my chest

Revolution beckons
But I cannot riot
I cannot abandon all reason
I am locked to conventional wisdom.

I watch her take on the world
But I can only watch

The will
The zeal
To be wild
I do not possess
I am powerless
I am
An impotent rapist.

So I look to the wild one,
The Rebel Queen
And I recognize myself in her
And I want to belong

But when I wake up
To a world without walls
The SELF shrivels, afraid.

Why are we afraid of them?
The wild ones
The Rebels
The non conformists?

It is a stupid fear
Premised on a misconception
That to conform
Is to be good
Is to be cultured
Is to be peaceful

So we create peace for those around us
And give way to a tumultuous rage within
A rage at consistently confining the SELF
Cuffing her hands and legs
Forbidding her to leap

So I watch her,
Rebel Queen,
And I recognize myself in her.
In Rebel Queens,
SELF finds an escape.

Link to the Italian translation

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