Let Me Enjoy Me







Breathing bits of my sensibilities
Let. Me. Be.

Let Me feel Me and breathe Me
And sip my beautiful self
Taste my mind intoxicated by
My thoughts
Let Me enjoy Me
And know how beautiful I can be
The brown of my skin… a rainbow of brown
Red yellow black rhythms of Me
Deepness knowing the power
Of my mind swirling in words
Let Me enjoy Me!

Don’t come here and tell me
That this is me
Fuck you
Let Me be. Let be Me
Patches of colour creativity
Joining my bits by threads of
Possibilities capabilities
A patchwork of patterns… patterns… patterns
Of my soul
My spirit in tight designs of zigs and zags
A harmony of circles squares pyramids hexagons pentagons
A yin and yang of splashes and sploshes
Let Me enjoy Me!

Because I am not you
I would appreciate
I would dance to My own tunes
I would find… Good
In all the bad
Let me enjoy…
The body that you would rape


The body that you would



And abuse

Let me enjoy my
Silky smooth breasts
Crowned by small crooning nipples
And breathe in
Like the sweetest aroma between scented pages
Softest skin which I would hold like precious stained glass
Let me enjoy my crotch
Let air taste the jewel of my thighs
The centre of myself that connects to heaven
My heaven
Raindrops seeping between cushioned pink
Feather pillows warming walls
Christening pearls on brown thrones
Tiny tiny ruby of delight
My my ruby

Let Me enjoy Me!
My rainbow thighs cascading
On endless seas of joy
Soft calves on bedecked ankles
Feet that would roam the world
Let me enjoy
My mind that dips into endless wells of power
Shakes the earth’s crevices
With its whisper strength of greatness
Bringing worlds of fantastic dimensions
To the doorsteps of the universe
Birthing …



Let Me enjoy Me!
Let me dance
Let me laugh
Amongst the treble clefs and base clefs of my existence
The melodies of my heart
And then sink into the drums of life
My life
Vibrate my radiance to the Higher Powers
And feel the universe… in me
In Me
In Me
And be beautiful again

Let me be
Let me live
Let me feel

Let me
Let me enjoy me


Link to the Italian translation

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