My Crush, for Many Years

Melanin ambience, 6’3, broad chest, well defined arms
wet round scarlet puckered lips, enlivenly gleamy eyes

I looked at him as he walked my way
The appearance of the earth in the galaxy
like a band of light seen in the night’s skies
and formed from the stars
which cannot be distinguished with the naked eye
I tell you, he looked like the Milky Way

Then I stood still
As if the library’s ac turned into a chimney
I was sweating and panting, my breath cut
my heart rate read 379 beat per minute
I had dyspnea with no history of asthma
An electrical impulse
moving from my atria to my ventricles
See, I was not sick I was in love

He spoke to me saying “I like you”
Tension held my butts together so tight
I could literally feel my ass crack
His words churned up my thoughts like the alikoto
More like my neurocrine secreted
too much ADH from my hypothalamus
my mind was in a whirl of sixes and sevens
I was confused

My face read skepticism
for each time I looked at him
all I saw was egotism and narcissism

In the lonely street of my heart I always felt
like my look were not enough to make an ice melt
I’d often wonder, how real is love?
Is it something I’d ever have?
Is it as beautiful as the sabbath sounds, as of a dove?
Until this unanticipated day
he missed his way into the dark street of my earth

Love is a bastard
it has many fathers but let me mother yours
They say love is blind
but I won’t bother wasting time
regaining my sight from love at first sight
His words, to me like healing herbs

And if you’d ask me
Love is cos x -cos y =-2siny( x+y)/2(x-y)sinx
You see, love is inexplicable, unexplainable
indivisible, despicable but admirable

I felt him kiss my cheeks
and my cheeks moved to my zygomatic
as if they were hoisted with ropes and pulleys

Suddenly, I felt something
I opened my eyes only to see
the same old 55 year old face of my mother
waking me up to do chores!
Aaaaarrrrghhhhhhh so it was only just a dream…


Link to the Italian translation

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