My Crush, for Many Years

Melanin Ambience, 6’3 , broad chest , well defined arms, wet round scarlet puckered lips, enlivenly gleamy eyes.

I looked at him as he walked my way,
The appearance of the earth in the galaxy, like a band of light seen in the night’s skies, formed from the stars which cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.
I tell you, he looked like the Milky Way.

Then I stood still,
As if the library’s ac turned into a chimney,
I was sweating and panting , my breath cut, my heart rate read 379 bpm, I had dyspnea with no history of asthma, I was diagnosed of supra ventricular tachycardia with aberrant conduction. An electrical impulse moving from my atria to my ventricles
See I was not sick, there was a turmoil in my heart.. -love

He then spoke to me saying “I like you”
Tension held my butts together so tight, I could literally feel my ass crack.
His words churned up my thoughts like the alikoto
More like my neurocrine secreted too much ADH from my hypothalamus , my mind was in a whirl of sixes and sevens- I was confused.

My face read skepticism,cos each time I looked at him all I saw was egotism and narcissism.

In the lonely street of my heart i always felt ,
That my looks were not enough to make an ice melt.
I’d often wonder, how real is love?
Is it something I’d ever have ?
Is it as beautiful as the sabbath sounds, as of a dove?
Until this unanticipated day he missed his way into this dark street.

Love is a bastard; it has many fathers but let me mother yours.
They say love is blind but I won’t bother wasting time regaining my sight from love at first sight.
His words, to my heart like healing herbs.

But if you’d ask me,
Love is cos x -cos y =-2siny( x+y)/2(x-y)sinx
You see, love is inexplicable, unexplainable, indivisible, despicable but admirable.

I felt him kiss me and my cheeks moved to my zygomatic as if they were hoisted with ropes and pulleys, I mean I smiled…

SUDDENLY, I felt something
I opened my eyes only to see the same old 55yrs old face of my mother waking me up to do chores!!
Aaaaarrrrghhhhhhh so it was JUST a dream…..

Link to the Italian translation

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