The Plead for Change

Change! Change!! Change!!!
There was no response,
Yet pleading for change not to change
Growing up, I thought my generation and
That of my children are going to be the best
But now, I strummer and stagger
Yes we all want change
We don’t know weather
The change will be positive or negative
The change I cry for is the friend of the future
A great future is what I cliff for
Loosing this, is not like losing a political position
Neither is it like losing wealth
The change I desire is moving from
Hunger to satisfaction
Poverty to riches
Street children to a happy home
War to peace
Tears to laughter
The voice of men only, to gender equality
A change from the fight of political power
To free and fair election
From deforestation to afforestation
The change I cry for is not the fear to drink natural water
Or the fear to walk under the sun because of the
Depletion of the ozone layer
Can things ever come to normal again?
We may all me blind
But we cannot all be insensitive
Our fathers, our mothers
Our siblings and ourselves
I plead for a positive change
Let’s not use what we see today
To destroy the birth of what we cannot see tomorrow
Lay a good foundation today for a good
Tower to be built on it tomorrow
We are to decide the kind of world we grow up
In the future

Link to the Italian translation

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