I traverse the world

I traverse this world as though
As though I am not supposed to be here
Not as a Christian with a view of her heavenly home
I traverse the world as though
Permission must be granted
Permission must be granted to sit in that spot
Swim in that pool
Of ignorance
That paved open walkways for us to traverse on foot through the structures of structure.
Keep your eyes down
Apologise, always apologise.
Say sorry! Say sorry!
Move to the right. Squeeze through that spot.
I must be permitted
To live and walk and traverse
What is it to realize that you pose the question that is not asked?
Why are you here? How are you here? Who gave you…
To explain when you do not need to?
I wanted to say it was your fault
I want to say it is your fault
I will say it is your fault
That I do not grant myself the permission
And spend my time watching and waiting and flipping and clicking images
and words and voice that grant the self permission.
The permission to traverse without permission.
I traverse this world as though I am not allowed to be here
Until I can say I am.


[Courtesy of the author]

Link to the Italian translation

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