I Love Home

For those people who find laughter
Such company
Laugh like they are falling apart
Or coming loose
With tears gliding down their cheeks
And these days all this on
A mobile phone.

For laughter that soars
Echoing in every nook
For laughter sprayed
On blossoming bushes
For laughter that escapes out of caves
Rising to greet the sun
For laughter of mobile phone to mobile phone.

For those people who had dance lessons
In the womb
Who touch the floor
Making it worship them
Who turn this way and create magic
Turn that way
And send a billion angels
Begging them never to stop
For them who whistle songs
And cast you into singing along
Despite yourself.

For those people who grieve
Calling upon a thousand names
Remembering name upon name
Revisiting each story of a life
Which matters to them
Each face of love.
For those people who feel their sorrow
From within to without
Who crawl and scratch the earth
As if she would answer their questions
For those who each day look upon the sky
And beseech God
Continuing to love
To hope
To live as if life is always
For those people who never let go of themselves
Of people who paint their landscape
For people who make sadness part of happiness
An element of peace
Of seeing before now and forever

For my people who make me
Long to understand what I do not understand.


Link to the Italian translation

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  1. Fridah Katushemererwe says:

    This poem is wonderful. It is a true story of what a Ugandan is. I have watched and listened to it over and over again, but it is still sweet. Thank you Susan for the sharp brain, and thanks to Voci Globali project for giving us a chance to watch and listen.

  2. Eustine Ahabwe says:

    It is a wonderful piece prof satirising the Ugandan leadership ,I do appreciate it

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