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Côte d'Ivoire

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Women’s poetry, women and their poetry. African women. Female poets, who entrust their stories and their feelings to their poems.


La poésie des femmes, les femmes et leur poésie. Des femmes africaines. Des poètes, qui confient leurs histoires, leurs émotions à la parole.


La poesia delle donne, le donne e la loro poesia. Donne africane. Poete, che affidano alla parola le loro storie, le loro emozioni.

AfroWomenPoetry is a project on the original idea by Antonella Sinopoli.

Publisher is the online Italian magazine Voci Globali.

AWP has one main goal: narrating women of Africa through poetry and slam.

AfroWomenPoetry is a trademark under the International Nice Classification.

All the content is published under CC-BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license.

Contact: afrowomenpoetry@vociglobali.it